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The Amazing Child has come to me out of my motherhood experience. When we say motherhood, it is not an easy journey. Experiences, plannings – mis-plannings, decisions, dilemmas and a whole lot of brain boggling comes as a package altogether. Everything redefines itself when a woman walks through motherhood.
Like every mother tells her daughter, “…you will know when you’re a mother!”
Motherhood is a path you need to walk yourself – it will make you, break you, burn you out but it will continue to teach you lessons and empower you all along.
At ‘The Amazing Child’ you will find courses and resources to help you on your motherhood journey for yourself and your child.
Feel free to write to us for advice.

N. J. Salim

What Our Partners Have to Say

Nida has surprised me because of her thoughts, knowledge and charity. Working with her had been an experience full of gratification. Her heritage is something that revealed me the great sense of humanity since I have been able to see how children develop the same everywhere, and mostly, how we are prepared to succeed if only we have the chance. She had been working with vulnerable groups of people facing their real problems and giving them an opportunity to self development by their hands. I have seen how she has developed herself too being always receptive on new knowledge and that made her not only an amazing student, but a wonderful friend.
July Henze
Graduate Montessori Studies Center, Mexico
I have the pleasure of knowing Nida for the last 22 years. It is very rare to see people whose dreams are aligned with the social welfare and they extract contentment in what they do for others. She has invested her life in helping young minds learn beyond obvious and curated projects for children deprived of learning in remote areas or poorer quarters of the society. I have been fortunate to have had the chance to learn about her projects and witness the work she has done under the banner of The Amazing Child, and before. My favorite projects include, “Jugnu”- roadside library and “Who Lives on These Mountains” – awareness on environmental conservation. I wish her best for her future endeavors!!!
Mome Saleem
Founding Executive Director,
Institute of Urbanism
Working with Nida J Salim as an illustrator for her books is not only a joyful experience but a great learning too. Her soft and understanding way of dealing with things makes the work equally prompt and enjoyable. She has a keen eye on the tiny details of art. Her writings reflect the same kind of kindness and strength which is a part of her personality. As a client she is fair, helpful and clear in her vision. Working with her is not only a pleasure but a treat every-time.
Aisha Aamir
Incredibleisha Illustrations
I am Sana Munawar, a teacher and Psychologist. Last year I got tutoring in English writing and speaking skills from Ma’am Nida. She is a true magnate as a coach. She used engrossing and immersing teaching techniques during her lesson. She is a dedicated teacher who puts a lot of effort into her teaching. She always encourages me to improve and give my best in every assignment. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in improving English Language Skills.
Sana Munawar
Psychologist & Primary Years Teacher