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What is ‘The Amazing Child’ or TAC?

We create space for young writers. Children from all age groups are encouraged to submit their writings for proof read and gain a chance to publish on our website. The Amazing Child endorses various writing programs to inculcate story writing in children.

‘The Tiny World’ or TTW is also an initiative of TAC that started as storytelling among children. Since 2006 TTW has created stories and conducted storytelling workshops in different schools. TTW now conducts various programs involving children in storytelling, story writing and illustration programs.



Create a world where characters come to life, ideas talk and imaginations run free. Skip, jump, run, throw and dodge with words to create an amazing expression. The Tiny World is where stories meet children. Children engage in writing activities to create stories and illustrate them through drawings. Our aim is to develop the love of writing and bring out expression through words.

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Explore new skills, deepen existing passions, and get lost in creativity.What you find just
might surprise and inspire you. With so much to explore, real projects to create,and the
support f fellow-creatives, Turitor empowers


What People are Saying About us

ABC Student

I can be unstoppable
Ms. NJ has been teaching me English for the past three months. She is an excellent teacher, as she explains Creative Writing concepts very well and keeps me engaged in the lessons. She is very punctual. Ms. NJ is very sweet and makes me feel comfortable. She often asks me how I am feeling, how my weekend went and also about my general activities. Ms. NJ always appreciates my work, which motivates me to do better. I am looking forward to continuing my lessons with Ms. NJ after the winter break.

Aminah Mother

TAC just gives me that freedom
Aminah, my now ten year old daughter has been studying creative writing with Miss NJ on an off. I will highly recommend Miss NJ because studying with her, Aminah has developed a love for writing stories and especially poetry. Miss NJ teaches with so much love, affection and understansing that she is able to bring out the creative writer in the child.

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