Create a world where characters come to life, ideas talk and imaginations run free. Skip, jump, run, throw and dodge with words to create an amazing expression. The Tiny World is where stories meet children. Children engage in writing activities to create stories and illustrate them through drawings. Our aim is to develop the love of writing and bring out expression through words.

TTW ‘6 Focus Points of Storytelling’

Benefits of storytelling are numerous. Storytelling is an art form loved and cherished by all age groups.

Language and Speech

When children listen to stories they capture various forms of sounds, words, sentences along with their formation and appropriate usage. They learn to reproduce these sounds and words in proper format. Listening enriches the child’s memory and helps him to communicate with a broader lexical and its correct usage.

Vocabulary Enrichment

The most essential element of storytelling is that it serves as a vocabulary source to children. Children retain more lexical knowledge through storytelling than by other means of vocabulary acquisition. Storytelling equips children with a larger vocabulary from simple to complex words. Children learn about things beyond their reach. Imagination Stories compel children to use their imagination and hence broaden their vision. Children reside in their own world created by themselves. Storytelling accelerates the thought process and makes them think beyond their world.


Storytelling is not only a positive direction but a resource that helps in strengthening expression. Through storytelling children learn to express their inner self. It is important to teach children to express themselves. Storytelling inculcates the dramatic techniques of presenting what is in the mind and fosters self-expression.


Once children have command on language, speech and expression, they develop the confidence to speak. Storytelling however prepares children to speak in a crowd and provides the skills to do so effectively


On the other hand, storytelling nurtures the inner self of children. It develops the patience of listening. Children who spend more time listening to stories are more pacified. Storytelling connects people across social, cultural, temporal and geographic borders.